Farm Cultural Park is an art gallery and artists’ residence located in Favara, Sicily. They recently collaborated with OFL Architecture, an interdisciplinary architectural practice based in Rome, founded in 2008 by Francesco Lipari, Sicilian architect. Together with the client Milia Furnishing, they designed Zighizaghi, a multisensory urban park generated by the need to create a welcoming place for the inhabitants of Favara and the need to give the city an unusual type of public space, created by the perfect combination of wood and vegetation. The project consists of two levels: the horizontal level is thought of as an aggregation of wooden elements in multilayer phenolic and nodes Okoumè and is able to assume infinite configurations thanks to the modularity and flexibility of its geometry. The vertical level consists of six red polyhedra to 14 sides, the Super Pod, equipped with an illuminating and an acoustic diffuser body. These three-dimensional elements are used here for “contaminating” the outskirts of the city through art and architecture. Zighizaghi turns the outer space in a dynamic environment where music is the link between nature and visitors. It is also equipped with an automated irrigation system, useful to maintain more prosperous Mediterranean essences specially selected in relation to the environmental context.

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