Zoé Schneider is a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a degree in Graphic Design.
She’s unafraid to share her opinion, and loves color. In her work, she tends to use humor while focusing on sexuality, the body, and mental health, while setting the tone with her own words and imagery. Recently, Zoé has enjoyed exploring the worlds of branding, motion, experiential design, exhibition design, and more…

Bite Me and Blow are two projects that can help us to understand better her method. Bite Me is a packaging design for aggressive gum, which insults the user as they pull its teeth out. “Your breath is horrendous.” The pink and red boxes resemble a mouth and taunts users each time they pull out a tooth-shaped piece of gum.
Another interesting project is Blow, a typeface which celebrates sexuality and the body. It’s bubbly, silly, and idealized, inviting a more lighthearted approach to a subject often seen as grotesque or private. The typeface was inspired by textures and shapes found in sex toys, as well as the human forms. The vocabulary that’s set in BLOW includes healthy, positive words alongside goofy and relaxed phrases, focusing on which letters are used in order to maintain a balance between the masculine and feminine letter forms. The book itself references the materiality that comes with the use of a condom or a sex toy in the latex-y paper.

You can follow Zoé humorous designs on Instagram and Behance.


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