ZOOBA, &Walsh

&Walsh, the brand new creative agency set up by Jessica Walsh in July 2019, has released an identity for the New York venture of Cairo-based restaurant, Zooba. The branding is created with the aim “to resonate with a NYC audience,” says Jessica, “while celebrating Egypt”.

The project began with a trip to the Egyptian capital where the collaboration kicked off proceedings by tasting food, meeting the Zooba team and learning more about the culture, particularly through &Walsh’s collaboration with Chris Khalifa, Adam Mourad and Omar Mobarek.

The beauty on the streets of Cairo and the city’s vast combination of visuals were key elements to inspire the branding. “Posters would be put up on top of hand painted type or illustrated murals, next to a shop with a mix and matched geometric tiles, next to a bright solid colour painted wall with a complementary colour rug… While these visuals were not always purposefully coordinated, they combined together in a busy, but beautiful way. We wanted the branding to celebrate this.” said J. Walsh.

Visit &Walsh to discover the brand new creative agency by Walsh, previously working at Sagmeister&Walsh.


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