100 FELT DOODLE FACES_Becky Margraf

Becky is a young designer based in San Francisco. During high school, Becky had a passion for guitar, piano and voice, but that passion was slowly overtaken with a growing interest in art and visual design.

With this project she has decided to sew 100 felt characters for 100 consecutive days. All of this came out as a challenge to a larger concept started by artist Elle Luna called The 100 Day Project: the project encouraged people to create something every single day for 100 days in a row. Taking inspiration from anything and everything, most of her ideas starts from a sketch. Every inanimate, interesting object is doodled into a little creature that she’d later use as a guide to cut the felt and sew the thing. For Becky this is a creative meditation on the process of hand making something, involving herself to do it every day.

You can see the full collection here.


All Rights Reserved to Becky Margraf

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