Better Cut is a really interesting product made by Sun Sichen (Providence, USA), “a one hand cutting board that allows disabled people to cook as they normally do before their accident/paraplegia”.

Inspired by a one-handed DIY solution, she first experimented with a clamping method, tackling the problem of how to hold irregularly-shaped items. Her initial mock-up solved this with a clamp that can be flipped around to present either a flat or concave surface to the work. While the end user could put the knife down, undo the clamp, manually advance the ingredients and then re-clamp, Sun sought a more elegant solution. She then experimented the idea of a rack-and-pinion arrangement: Sun’s concept is mechanically working, but now requires a next step to figure out a way to replace the gears, so that they do not trap food and will not be tricky to clean.

All Rights Reserved to Sun Sichen

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