DIA, Design Intelligence Award 2023, call for applications

Today WeVux presents a design competition for everyone, the China Design Intelligence Award (DIA). It’s the first international prize in the field of industrial design in China, established in 2015 by the China Academy of Art. The 2023 theme is “Design Evolution”. (Cover, Paper Razor, DIA Bronze Award 2022)

Now in its eighth edition, the DIA will link global designers to explore “design evolution”, and touch the new patterns of design ontology evolution together in the era of rapid social changes and the world of continuous evolution.



The 2023 theme “Design is a term used to describe the changing nature of design over time, as well as its role in society and culture. Design evolution involves studying how design has evolved over time, both in terms of its form and function. It also explores how designers have responded to changing social and cultural contexts, as well as innovated and pushed the boundaries of what is possible.”

The prize is divided into Products and Concepts categories (for details, see the attachment). Both categories are then divided into four identical themes: cultural innovation, wisdom of life, industrial equipment, digital economy, for more information visit this page, the Entry Categories section. We invite you to take a look because the prizes are very generous: they range from around 4,000 to 130,000 euros.

The application system is open and you have until 30 June 2023 (24:00, UTC+8) to submit your project. You can present your project through this link. Or use the link: www.di-awards.org, remembering however to enter the invitation code for the Italy area: IT2023-ZGY8792 (with this invitation code you can directly access the final evaluation phase!)
For more information, find the registration guidelines here!


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