EFFETTO PLACEBO was born in Sorrento in September 2013, it is a cultural association that aims to bring together young people through culture, talents development and the organization of events.

After a series of local projects, energy, time and ideas are conveyed in IL COLLIRIO, an indipendent publication which is the natural extension of the Effetto Placebo’s ideals, visions and intents. The project is developed as a collective and inter-organic cultural growth, fed by the continuous creative flows between authors and illustrators. The first online issue is released in September 2014 and after the first three publications Il Collirio debuts on paper, lovingly printed in Tipografie Reali, Milan. After two different presentations in Sorrento, Effetto Placebo is invited to present Il Collirio as part of cultural events, such as the one organized at Politecnico di Milano, thanks to prof. Cascitelli the Association is conducting a competition for his students: a collaboration lasted several months where a course was involved to realize artworks for the magazine. Effetto Placebo has also participated in Fuori Salone 2015 in Milan, as part of Fuori Mercato, an event promoting self-production. Fuori Mercato was concluded with the presentation of the magazine and a closing party. Il Collirio is not a normal magazine but a social catalyst, the way and the excuse to imagine, propose and do together.

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