Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen/Malmö based art and design practice with a focus on digital and physical explorations and fabrication. Swedish spatial designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström create mind tickling and unexpected experiences through materiality and technology, “they collect and explore physical elements in a digital environment.”

Excavation is one of their project, it is made in collaboration with Unique Board. It consist of digitally crafted sculptures made of full color 3D printed bud vases that are joined together with molded stone-like pieces. Where the overlap occurs, the form has been dug away.”The series is inspired by archaeology and how it is revealing human activity, and the behaviours of their time, through material culture and shapes. The digital as an embodied sculpture reminds us that digital and physical is not two separate universes, but that in this era, depends highly on each other.”

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Photo by Mishael Phillip

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