Officially unveiled earlier this month, Huangshan Mountain Village is a housing complex on the shore of Taiping Lake, designed by MAD to mimic the granite contours of the mountain landscape.

Photography studio Hufton + Crow, captured the project in a three-days shoot that Crow defined epic: “It was 35 to 38 degrees the whole time, it was very hot. It was very physical – one of those that keeps you fit.” For example one of the first problem was to overcome the steamy tropical air, which fogged the camera lenses. The heat and humidity were compounded by the long days and Crow needed to be up to shoot the sunrise at 4.30am. To get the images, Crow improvised with a combination of drone footage and shooting from a boat out on the lake. “We’ve done a few jobs with MAD now and luckily they’re quite keen to get drones involved,” said the photographer. The biggest challenge Crow faced, proved to be the local wildlife: the photographer was spending the nights in some of the almost-finished apartments in the complex, he left his light on with the window open and went out. When he got home there were thousands of moths waiting for him.

“So that’s one of my lasting memories of that shoot: being attacked by moths,” joked Crow. “It definitely was an adventure!”


All Rights Reserved to Hufton + Crow

(via dezeen)

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