Angélica Dass was born in 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She lives and works in Madrid where she got her Photography Master in 2012.

Her latest project is called Humanae, she takes portraits of people from all over the world to match their skin tones with the PANTONE® color system. To create a photo background of the same color, a sample of 11×11 pixels of the portrait’s face is extracted digitally. The photographer’s aim is to document every human skin tone on earth.

In a statement about her work, Dass says: “I understand photography as a dialogue from personal to global; like a game in which the personal and social codes are put at stake to be reinvented, a continuous flow between the photographer and the photographed, a bridge between masks and identities. For this reason, I use my work as a tool of exploration, questioning and searching for identity, for each own and others.”

More works on her website!

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