Lushly planted walls, hanging vines, structure-piercing trees, weathered stones, and sunken landscapes, these are some of the amazing characteristics of VTN Architects‘ projects, an architecture practice based in Ho Chi Minh City. Their works incorporate traditional Vietnamese building techniques, like complex bamboo trusses, perforated blocks, cooling water systems, shaded terraces, and thatched roofs. All these efforts are infused with a resolute vision: the creation of Green Architecture that merges nature, local vernacular, and — through modern materials and methods — contemporary design. VTN Architects sees such work as a way not only to refine the urban environment but also to provide a sense of peace in the world. WeVux strongly believes in this method and we already feature several projects by VTN on our platform.

One of their latest works is the Huong An Vien Visiting Center, a structure made purely out of bamboo set within a natural landscape as part of a cemetery area, about 10 km southwest of Hue.
To avoid the heavy atmosphere of death, loss and grief, typical of cemeteries the client and the architect mutually agreed to seek an architectural solution in order to design a more peaceful and tranquil space.

Surrounded by a network of four lakes and nearby mountains, the park of Huong An Vien is home to trees, flowers and a variety of other vegetation, which already helps create a lighter and brighter feeling. In terms of the architectural aspect of VTN’s intervention, the highly-curved bamboo roof took inspiration from the softness of nearby Hue and the Huong River – a common association among Vietnamese people. Further down, the eave is proportioned in a low position, technically designed to protect the inner structure from direct sunlight and rain, but also to allow the space to stay open and to obtain the human scale.

Huong An Vien Visiting Center appears to be a part of the natural context, showing its respect and gratitude to the ones who have passed away.From the main to the auxiliary buildings, they all benefit from the well-maintained and clean environment. The studio choose natural and affordable local materials such as bamboo, thatch and bricks. Perforated bricks, for instance, allow airflow and light to enter the inside. During the day, the building doesn’t need to rely on air-conditioning or artificial lighting.

Principal Architects: Vo Trong Nghia, Nguyen Tat Dat
Design team: Le Hoang Tuyet Ngoc
Photography by Hiroyuki Oki

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