Born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1983, Kirsten Beets works predominantly with oil paint on paper. Her main subjects and themes are how people interact with nature in a recreational way, usually observing things from a high vantage point and neatly rendering them in minute detail.

Observations of people, places and objects (and sometimes the imaginative thoughts that were produced by them) thus recorded, transfer a fleeting moment into a physical object; elevating their significance and making them touchstones of memory. In her paintings the artist expresses the illusionary spaces that remind of nature but are in fact fully constructed by humans. This play with illusion is substantial for Beet’s works where she comments on the interaction between humans and their environment in a bigger picture. Beets has already exhibited both nationally and internationally, including the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Scuola Internationale di Grafica in Venice, Italy.


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