LOMI, the solution to turn your waste into compost

If we think about our organic waste bin at home, the smell is not always pleasant and sometimes it’s difficult to clean it. In general, organic waste could be used to create compost, therefore to nourish your plants and flowers, but this solution requires effort: if you have no experience and the fermentation doesn’t take place as it should, the compost starts to smell and this would not please your neighbors. Anyways, design has already found a solution and is called Lomi.

Designed by the brand Pela, the product is very simple: a single button activates the whole process. Through abrasion, the waste is crushed, while the combination of heat and oxygen mimics and accelerates the natural process of organic decomposition. The result is a fertile and rich compost, ready to feed the plants and flowers of your house, terrace, or garden. Compared to other products, Lomi has the advantage of being more compact, practical, and easy to use.

The big news is that Lomi’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has reached almost 1000% of the goal, for a total sum of almost 4 million euros. A good result also for us: this success shows how more and more people are aware of their environmental impact and hence, willing to choose intelligent products, able to make a difference.
If you are interested you still have one week to order Lomi! The cost isn’t the cheapest but the successful campaign could be a help for subsequent series.


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