François Ollivier is a freelance photographer living in Montreal, that mainly works for commercial, documentary or editorial projects. One of his recent project, named “Memory Lapses”, is composed by a series of temporary installations located from Montréal to Roquebrune sur Argens and the coastline of Portugal, in places selected because of its connection to François’ emotional history.

“The sculpture erases itself in the process, it’s not photoshopped out. It’s actual subtraction by light.” Created using a reflective material, when exposed to a bright flash the sculptures seemingly cease to exist; “The light of the flash makes it so white that there is no data anymore in that part of the image. It’s gone. Burnt out. Timing was important, it had to be made at the right hour, at sunset when there is still daylight so that you can’t tell that I used a flash.”  These subtractions alter the landscape of the image and distort our perception, much like time and distance.


All Rights Reserved to François Ollivier

(via ignant)

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