MEXTRÓPOLI is a 4-days festival in Mexico City. The event is the most important and diverse in Latin America, encouraging creative, critical and participatory exercise through conferences, dialogues, workshops, routes, exhibitions, pavilions and activities outdoors that activate one of the most vibrant city in America.

Colectivo seis, Taller Paralelo, Kababie Arquitectos and Michan Architecture designed a brick pavilion unveiled at the 2018 architectural festival edition, in Mexico City. ‘Pabellón ( )’ was thought as a space for contemplation and reflection, which arises from the abstraction of a collapse, representing earthquakes. The pavilion was committed not only in the memory of the catastrophe and its perpetual echo, but also to the action of change. After its short life in Méxtropoli the structure’s partitions will be donated for the reconstruction of houses destroyed in San Gregorio Atlapulco during the earthquake of 2017.


Images by Jaime Navarro

(via domus)

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