Chad Hagen is an artist, graphic designer and art director; he graduated in Fine Arts from the Minnesota State University and he’s currently living in Minneapolis. His artworks and illustrations have been published in magazines as Fortune, TIME, Wired and the New York Times and he already worked for brands like Gap, Mattel and Harley Davidson.

He has always been attracted to mechanical and diagrammatic graphic illustrations, he is fascinated by the unintentional beauty that some of these pure utilitarian graphics can create. In his series of prints “Nonsensical Infographics”, each piece is an attempt to recreate this kind of beauty. Beauty in connections, shapes, but without a specific meaning. He loves to recreate this pseudo-scientific world based on graphic design, illustrations and complex patterns. I have seen it in the last Wired Magazine (Italian version) and I cannot avoid to share it with you.


All rights reserved to Chad Hagen.

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