Xavi Bou has a degree in Geology from the University of Barcelona and a three-year degree on Photography at Grisart International Photography School.
After a career in the world of Fashion Photography and Advertising, he specialized in “retouching projects and campaigns for photographers, brands and magazines in Spain and abroad, like Adidas, Mango, Massimo Dutty, Desigual, Tous”.

One of his passion is also capturing the beauty of nature, he shared fascination with birds with his grandfather, who taught him a lot about the different species. This passion led him to Ornitographies, a current project “that is questioning the limits of human perception. Xavi Bou focuses on birds, his great passion, in order to capture in a single time frame, the shapes they generate when flying, making visible the invisible. Unlike other motion analysis which preceded it, Ornitographies moves away from the scientific approach of chronophotography used by photographers like Edward Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey. The approach used by Xavi Bou to portray the scene is not invasive; moreover, it rejects the distant study, resulting in organic form images that stimulate the imagination.”


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