Flynn Talbot is an Australian lighting artist and designer based in London, UK. Talbot creates lighting installations and commissioned pieces for galleries and unique buildings along with innovative lighting products for serial production; every project starts from the “light effect”.

For London Design Week 2017 he realized Reflection Room, the first LDF installation housed in the Prince Consort Gallery. The site-specific work is conceived to highlight the dramatic 35m gallery length: complementary blue and orange lighting, and 56 custom-made stretch membrane Barrisol panels in gloss black are used to expand the width of the space. Talbot explains that the use of colours is becoming something of a signature and believes “creates a certain magic”. The resulting play of verticals serves to transform the space into a vivid chapel of coloured light. ” I want want people to explore the gallery – moving, shifting, stopping, meandering,” says Talbot. ” The visitors are an integral part of installation. Each person will be lit in a unique way of depending on where they are standing, adding to the rich depth of reflections within the gallery.”


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