REKINDLE_Stina Henriksson

Stina lives in Malmö with her family, she’s graduated in Product Design from Malmö Högskolafrom and she’s attending her first year at the Master in Industrial Design at Lund University – she also studied one year at LKD, (Lunds Art and Design School). Before the master she was working as maskör (wig-making, makeup and special effects) at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and at Malmö Opera.

When we asked her what are her passions she said that she liked to work conceptual and she was interested in and inspired by human behavior, semiotics and emotional design. As designer she said: “I believe that sustainability includes that everything being produced should have a purpose and a value to people, even if it is only in the smallest way.” – this lead us to Rekindle, a product that help you to re-mould your left over candles: “…Electricity made candles a curiosity and no longer a necessity, their use nearly stopped, but their popularity has been steadily increasing since the 1960s – clearly we do not want to be without candle light. In Sweden, we now use more than 20 000 tonnes per year…”



“…Throwing away just 1/5 of that candle results in 4000 tonnes of wax being thrown away each year, wax that could be remoulded. Rekindle helps you re-mould your left over candle stumps with the help of a candle holder. Use one stump as a heat source to melt and then re-mould the remaining collected wax into a new candle.”

The product is directly related to Stina’s point of view on her practice: “My intention is that what I design will be meaningful to people in their everyday lives. Industrial design includes such a broad spectra of knowledge, in many areas. Even if one cannot be an expert in every field, all of these areas provide opportunities in design, something that you continue to learn about as long as you practice it, and that is what makes it so exciting! I try to enjoy the knowledge and the freedom that work and create is giving me and try to focus on that.”

Thank you Stina!


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