Daniel Forero is a designer and art director, he grew up and studied graphic design in Bogotá (Colombia) and art direction in Argentina. In 2010 he moved to Stockholm and currently he’s based in New York, working at Sagmeister & Walsh studio.

Since he was a young boy, Daniel has always been fond of visuals, curious about nonsense and attentive to small details in ordinary things. Nonsensical concepts and abstractions are the starting points for most of his projects. His style is characterized by the combination of set design and photography. Daniel’s “nonsense art” starts with a quick draw and then the project comes to life.

At first glance, Daniel’s images look like 3D manipulations but actually all the images are real photographs; there’s no 3D in any of his projects. During his career, he has worked with companies like Wallpaper, Google, BMW, Coca-Cola, Phillips, Unilever, among the others.

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