Giuseppe J Cook (aka Giuseppe Caridi) is an expert traveller: “I have visited the whole planet – not all the countries but all the continents…. I have visited unusual and difficult-to-reach places, paid off by unmatched experiences.”  WeVux already shared with you some of Giuseppe’s travels (in Mali and Pakistan), and now we are happy to announce his new book, Sette Passaporti (Seven Passports), titles inspired by Giuseppe’s passports: seven in total, six completed and one to start. In the book he describes his journeys through the suggestions given by the people and the local life he was discovering. Below a selection of paragraphs from his new book, followed by some of his shots. You can buy it on Amazon and from the Publishing House Diabasis. (Italian)


Diving at the Solomon Islands is an experience that leaves breathless even the most competent diver. It is not just about the beauty of what you can admire: you can experience beautiful dives all over the world; here there are several factors that, interacting with each other, lead you to live every moment as the best one. While looking at your photos lying in the cabin, or when at dinner you share with other divers the memory of your experience, even when you are underwater, you realize you are landed in a special place… Page 49


People visit Tinian, and they will always continue. Their number remains small, and perhaps this is the reason why they are not provided with an admission ticket or a caretaker to alert visitors: the tickets cash would not cover a decent salary for the caretaker, or, who knows, the local government is fine with this situation… Page 24


The off-road vehicle stops by my building just after eight o’clock. Olga and Andrej come down, he is the driver that Olga hired to answer my request. “Andrej is the best in the business, trust him: he knows perfectly every single kilometer of the itinerary. Before leaving, let’s stop at the hypermarket to buy food and drink, we can also spend five hours to reach our destination”… Page 129


At sunset, the light hits the temples with a visible golden, warm, bewitching, seductive tone. There is no need to be an expert photographer to know that, with the passing of the hours, the intensity of light varies and therefore the colors change the way of looking at the object. Now all my senses come back to focus exclusively on this wonderful place, which, in the healthiest of the overdoses, continues to enchant the visitor until the end, and forces you to admit that in order to enjoy every single detail that is able to offer you will be obliged to spend whole weeks in the country… Page 204


All Rights reserved to Giuseppe J Cook

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