Founded in 2015 by Ana Arana and Enrique Ventosa, Studio Plutarco exhibited its latest projects during #mdw16 at Ventura Lambrate.

HOIST tables are characterized by a moving up and down system, a series of products to interact with a domestic space. “…Nowadays spaces require multiple uses and configurations. An apartment is like a small theatre with actors and objects performing our daily lives. That’s why we propose a dinamic relationship with our closest environment. The mechanism works thanks to a pulley system found in the inner structure of the leg. The unique table leg is divided in two parts that can contract and expand… The pulley system makes the table change height according to the use intended by the user. The Hoist tables can be 45cm, 75cm or 105cm…” A dynamic and eccentric product that change our space according to our needs.

Another product exhibited was Tromploeil – realized by Ana Arana for Studio Plutarco – which is a “construction and composition game.” A room divider with some parts of perforated iron and and some of iron and magnets in order to create several compositions.”Like this a space becomes a white canvas open to as many possibilities as one is capable of inventing.”

All Rights Reserved to Studio Plutarco

All Images © Eduardo López

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