Bower is a New York City-based studio with a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary furniture and product design. Through a free, experimental process, the intent of Bower’s work is to bring unique and unexpected objects into people’s lives. They recently collaborated with Studio Proba, founded in 2013 by Alex Proba, a New York based multidisciplinary design studio focusing on product, graphic, environmental, and furniture design and artwork. In collaboration with Studio Proba, Bower developed three new products for their Zendo collection: The Pivot Fountain, Waterline Chair, and Nirvana Rug.

Exploring forms, materials, textures, and colors that have interested them over the past year, the two studios designed a unique collection that allows viewers to immerse in a tranquil, multi-sensory experience. The studios explore themes of water, reflection, and transcendence, inviting visitors to lie on their Nirvana rug, sit on their Waterline chair, gaze into their multicolored Water mirrors, all while listening to the trickle of their Pivot fountain.

The Nirvana Rug is conceived as a sculptural meditation rug that becomes a metaphorical journey of transcendence. Made of rose-colored carpeting materials, Nirvana Rug starts on the floor and extends along the wall where it ends as a fringed baldachin. This special form describes the “steps to nirvana”. The Waterline Chair base is made from peach tinted glass with an undulating “waterline” at its top edge, layering over and visually submersing the velvet upholstered top. The Pivot Fountain is a cylinder with its mid-section that appears to be pivoting out, revealing the coral lining of the structure. A flat stream of water flows from the top down through each section, continuously circulating back up.

The meditative vibe of the Zendo Collection evolved from the designers’ collective subconscious, with the intention of slowing down and to balance out our hectic lives.


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