ADAM, new products from wasted apples

WeVux continues the exploration of new bio-based materials recently introduced in our Materials Design Map: Adam Sheet is a new solution made from Aomori apple pomace.

Based in the Tsugaru plain in Aomori, one of Japan’s leading apple producing regions, the Sozai Centre collects discarded apples to create new products with its unique processing technology and design capabilities.

In the production of Adam, not only the flesh, but also the endocarp, skin, stem and seeds of the apple are used without leaving any waste behind. The striking reddish-brown colour is created by the natural ingredients of the apple, without any artificial colouring agents. Adam’s main characteristic is the ‘visualisation’ of the original materials: the special texture is created by the waste. The transparency and texture of the material are designed to help the user perceive the raw material, the flesh of the apple itself.

The Sozai Centre is working to develop more and more Adam product collections in order to promote the local apple industry in Aomori Prefecture. At the moment, the material can already be applied for small accessories, finishes and interior furnishings. With a thickness of 0.6 mm, it is highly resistant to water and scratches. It is also easy to maintain, can be cleaned with water or a neutral detergent, and complies with the European Union (EU) RoHS2 regulation.

You can currently find Adam card case and body pouch already on sale in the online shop. To find out more, visit the brand’s website and follow it on Instagram! Images courtesy of Adam

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