Artisan Brunch is a photographic series for issue 24 of Kinkfolk magazine: the designer Kyle Bean collaborated with photographer Aaron Tilley and food stylist Lucy-Ruth Hathaway to represent how famous artists might reimagine their weekend brunch spreads. The works are inspired by and a homage to Alexander Calder, Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama, Cornelia Parker and Salvador Dalì. (more below the gallery)



Kyle and Aaron already worked together: for Kinkfolk’s “Adrenaline” they produced a series of images that give anxiety, the series name’s In Anxious Anticipation . The images immortalize metaphorical moments where time is freezed to give a sensation of expectation and apprehension.  Jordan Kushins‘s text on anticipation and adrenaline accompanies Tilley and Bean’s clean photographs of the moments before misfortune.

“Whether we’re readying ourselves for the start of an event or just imagining ourselves partaking in it, the buzz of nervous anticipation is sometimes as satisfying as the reward at the end,” says Kushins. “Often just the thought of what if? can be as potent as the act itself, and the thrill of the chase may occasionally be more powerful than the real deal.”

You can see more works by the series’ collaborators on their Instagrams @kylejbean, @aaron_tilley, and @lucyruthfood


All Rights Reserved to Kyle Bean, Aaron Tilley, Lucy-Ruth Hathaway

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