Beth Comstock asked New York-based designers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree (previously on WeVux) to work on her personal brand. “Beth Comstock is a brilliant woman making waves in technology and business. Beth’s main focus is ’emergence,’ and much of her writing revolves around how humans will interact with technology in the near future and how we will learn from machines as machines will learn from us—riveting stuff!”

The designers’ goal was to create a branding solution for Beth that would express her ideas of change, evolution, innovation, and emergence. They tried to stay away from the trivial stereotype of technology company, they used a colorful palette “that could be broken down into acknowledgeable elements from her thinking. We broke down her thinking into five key shapes that would symbolize technology, emergence, change, inquisitiveness, and energy.”


All Rights Reserved to Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jefree

3D illustrations by George Stoyanov

Photography by Scottie Cameron

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