Alice Bonicelli is an Interior Designer based in Sydney. She holds a bachelor in Interior Design from Politecnico of Milan and a Master in Interior Architecture and Retail Design from PZI, Rotterdam.

“What’s the next step after millennia of technological evolution in lighting systems, from fireplaces to candles, from gas to electricity?” Her master graduation project, Biolux, is a “speculation on how we will illuminate our future interiors and is an effort to explore the light-producing properties of bioluminescent fungi outside the usual confines of scientific practice.”

She developed a complex tubes system in PMMA and PVC to produce bioluminescence in the interior, “turning the architectural envelope into a performative shell in transformation.” 3d printed plastic organic joints connect the tubes and allow to create different configurations. She collaborated with the Department of Microbiology in the University of Utrecht to conduce hands-on experiments on mushrooms, the Panellus Stipticus species and in order to find the best material to support the fungi life. “In the bioluminescent interiors of the future, space, matter and light become one. ”

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