Creation Gallery G8 is a gallery dedicated to visual communication in Ginza, Tokyo, where is on Nendo’s Un-printed Material Exhibition.

“Graphic designers use paper as a medium to express their ideas. Similarly, we wanted to work with paper but approach it from a different angle. Working both by hand and with a 3D printer, we created outlines of paper as an expression of that paper without actually using paper itself… By zeroing in on the finer details and carefully representing them in the outlines, we attempted to capture that unique essence of paper that we have all felt at one time or another… The title of the exhibition – Un-printed Material – is a play on the term “printed material” that alludes to the concept of the designs.”

Working both by hand and with a 3D printer, the design studio created black outlines of A1-sized posters, postcards with different thickness and paper made objects. More in Nendo’s website


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