Studio MICAT is a London-based studio founded in 2016 by architects and designers Michael Garnett and Cathrin Walczyk. The team has fun designing one-off mechanical sculptures and are interested in collaborative making processes. “We believe that creating makes us human and that making is a powerful way of connecting with others.”

Brawn & Bread is an outdoor gym that makes bread, using human power to process the grain, knead dough, and fuel a wood-fired oven. The project was designed by UK designers Studio MICAT and was built by campers, aged 11-17, at Beam Camp, New Hampshire. The structure is designed to make a performance of the processes that go into producing a loaf of bread. It is a permanent installation at Beam Camp where it will provide daily bread for up to 150 campers and staff members. The bread gym is a small but salutary reminder of the effort required to produce this daily essential.


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