CASA 49, the apartment that transforms itself

Casa 49 is a project by studio.tracciapreviously on WeVux with Casa Rospigliosi – a small 49m2 apartment in the Acquabella district in Milan.

As the studio tells us, “the approach was to maximize the flexibility and adaptability of spaces, creating high-quality environments with custom-designed multifunctional modules.”
Working on the concept of the inhabited wall, each room has a series of bespoke furniture that allow the space to change and transform according to the needs, establishing a dynamic dialogue between the house and who lives in it. Solids that become voids, volumes that become surfaces, hidden or revealed elements, static or mobile ones. From the large sliding panels enclosing the working area and at the same time becoming doors, to the rotating bedside tables, everything contributes to using the house as a changing spatial device, never fixed, never the same.



In this context, the design takes on contradictory characters, to highlight the encounters, the cohabitations and the farewells of moving or static elements. Thus the wooden structural elements are juxtaposed with the light ones of the hanging shelves, in white iron, while the rough ceilings in natural clay contrast with the velvety warmth of blue fenix. A floor made of timber and concrete tiles underlines the physical and material contrasts of this apartment, with an identical design, made up of a frame and a filling, in which the materials, however, are reversed, defining the two zones of the living area in a discreet and refined.

Speaking of sustainability, studio.traccia tells us: “At the construction stage of production, we chose to use natural materials, locally sourced and processed by local artisans with whom we did custom furniture design work to maximize space and quality, chose natural paints such as clay, and employed high-efficiency plant systems.”

Casa 49 is a small and essential house, which transforms the concept of the existenzminimum into a set of dynamic relationships, creating a new domesticity made up of contrasts and complementarities.

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Photography studio.traccia and Simone Bossi


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