Lucas y Hernández-Gil was founed in 2007 by the architects Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil. The studio works on architectural projects, as well as on interior and graphic design, seeking a different point of view, merging curiosity, intuition and trade. The work is imbued with the idea of The Craftsman, as defined by Richard Sennett, and tries to discover a story where all the elements fit together in every project.


Completed in May 2018, Casa Rural VB is a minimalist residence located in Badajoz, Spain. The space is characterized by the preservation of its original structures including arched ceilings and clay floors. The architects focused on emphasizing as much of the home’s original strengths as possible, some of which were lost over time. In doing so, the designers adapted and created new uses of the interior from a more contemporary perspective. Local potters were used to create replacement clay tiles for the floor.


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