CAT Bar & Dance Club

Talented Hungarian designer and visual artist Miklós Kiss, aka kissmiklos, was responsible for the art direction and identity of CAT, a new bar and dance club in downtown Budapest.

“Firstly, we collected lots of funny memes, colourful illustrations, cool gifs, sketches and other pics about cats. After sorting and rethinking the pictures I redesigned and redrew the selected images… The design objective was to create an eclectic, appealing and cool interior as well as a memorable look… It was challenging to combine the various colours, elements, materials, funny messages and at the same time meet the expectations of the bar and dance club”, says Miklós.

The vision for the interior design was also created by Miklós, working in collaboration with Marcell Benson and Ádám Farkas from Craft Benson Architecture / Design, as well as Eszter Mangel Hobor.


via inspiration grid

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