David De Beyter is a French photographer, born in Roubaix in 1985, currently living and working in Tourcoing, north of France. Concrete Mirrors is the name of one of his series, which deals with the iconography of space conquest during the 60s, back to a climate of suspicion and paranoia linked to the cold war. “Presented as a fake photograph-documentary, this project puts together three corpus of images of different nature and status, combining types of reality, these are documents, and virtuality, those are places.”



“With a form of historiography, the first chapter of this work shows a selection of utopian architectures from the 60s, scientific facilities and landscapes known for their Martian or Lunar-like landscapes… From a documentation full of drawings and objects related to the prospective architecture of the 70s, the second chapter of this research aims, with a scattered use of 3D, to give a form of existence to unrealized projects that embody that mythology and to interpret them by means of a photographic staging. The third chapter explores a scientific and photographic documentation of that time, such as the photogrammetry or experiences led by the NASA, whose specific tools helped defining the imagery of this conquest and developing the fantasy around it…”


All Rights reserved to David De Beyter

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