Located in the city’s central business district, the all-white industrial showroom was created by the Phillip Island-based firm Richard Stampton Architects for Melbourne jewellery designer Cushla Whiting.

The studio writes about the project: “Granite boulders ‘float’ at eye height – placed to capture the light, and to create a meandering path throughout the rectangular showroom. The jewellery is counter sunk into each boulder using grey felt plugs. The grey granite and felt are used to augment the natural colour and beauty of the gems and precious metals used by Cushla. Ancient Victorian granite was selected as a reference to the ancient and cosmic forces at play in the creation of the jewels. Clear tubular cases slide over the boulders and are raised, and lowered, via a counter-weighted pulley system – an important daily act of physically accessing the jewellery for clients.”

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Photographs by Rory Gardiner

All Rights reserved to Richard Stampton Architects

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