FORMZERO is an architectural research studio established in 2012 by Cherng Yih Lee with the ideology of reengaging the natural landscape with architecture within the urban context (previously on WeVux). Its design very often focuses on challenging the conventional architectural typologies and boundaries of urban realm. Planter Box House is one of their latest project:



Planter Box House is aimed to celebrate sustainable living lifestyle and to grow food for self-sufficiency. With multiple passive design strategies to create a low energy house, the house is covered by more than 40 types of edible plants. These plants are grown in concrete planter boxes which serve as both stormwater retention and irrigation reservoir, are also seen as an urban landscape.

“This project serves as a valuable opportunity and experience not only for the client to learn about farming in a tropical setting, but also for the surrounding community, the life of the building is expected to continually improve, develop and grow organically along with the married couple.” said the team in an interview.

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