DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2016_Agnese Pellino

Agnese Pellino is an Italian architect, interested in many different forms of art. After studying three years between Italy and Spain, she took her degree in Architecture and she worked for a retail design firm.

Few months later she moved to the Netherlands, where she is currently attending a Master in Interior Design. Since she was very young, her passion for travelling led her to look at things in many different ways. Through the years, framing these perspectives would become her main hobby. Also inspired by the artist Franco Fontana, her love for photography has been developing until now, when she considers it a very enjoyable profession besides her design practice.

She shared with WeVux part of her visit at Dutch Design Week 2016 and in the future she will update us with new events and exhibitions! In the gallery you will find photos mainly from the Van Abbemuseum location and the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2016. Follow Agnese on Instagram and Behance!


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