EMANUI, menstrual cup cleaner and sterilizer

The reusable Emanui menstrual cup cleaner is designed to offer users an easier, more sustainable way of cleaning the product on-the-go without having to use a public sink. According to its creators, the Emanui cup cleaner and sterilizer uses “at least 2,500 % less water” than regular cleaning methods, which often just sees users wash their cup under running water.

Made from the same medical silicone material typically used for the menstrual cups themselves, the cleaner weighs just 115 grams, making it compact and lightweight enough to be comfortably carried around in a bag. The Emanui comprises a main cylindrical body that slightly tapers in towards the top with removable sections on either end – one, more solid, section to hold water and the other for the cup to be inserted into. How do you clean the cup? Watch this video to better understand the operation.



The menstrual cup is inserted into the Emanui’s hollow body, which contains an internal brush. Using “natural gestures” such as rubbing, shaking, and squeezing, the brush and water work together to fully clean the cup without the need for additional chemicals. The dirty water can then be poured into the toilet through a spout at the top of the Emanui.

At the end of the menstrual cycle, users can sterilize the Emanui by heating it in a microwave for three minutes using a minimal amount of water, which comes out like steam from the spout. While the cleaner is currently designed for people with reasonable access to water, the creators plan to adapt it so that those without immediate access to water can also use it. The creators paired this texture with hues of purple, pink, red, and cream, which are soft yet vibrant, in a bid to set the product apart from typical medical designs. The Emanui is designed to work with standard menstrual cups – it is compatible with around 70% of those on the market – and fits the three different sizes of small, medium, and large.

Another interesting product related to the menstrual cycle is the Tampoon Book, by the Female Company, a project to protest against Germany’s 19% (Italy’s 22%) tax on tampons as “luxury goods” – and a way of getting around it.


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