Jenine Shereos is an American artist born in Chicago, she is a sculptor and an installation artist specializing in fiber and textile processes. She has an MFA from California State University, Long Beach, and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

She created a series of leaf sculptures using human hair (like Studio Swine for Hair Highway Project). Inspired by the intricate nature of leaf veins, Jenine stitched and knotted individual strands of hair – including her own – by hand in a water-soluble backing material. When the backing was dissolved, the leaf form was able to keep itself up. On the process, she says: “Creating this work was a very meditative process for me, as I found myself lost in the detail of the small, organic microcosms that began taking shape. The complex network of lines present in this work mimics the organic patterns found in nature and speaks to the natural systems of transformation, growth and decay.”


All Rights Reserved to Jenine Sheroes,

Images by Robert Diamante

(via ignant)

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