HONEXT®, Circular by design, for real!

When we talk about circularity in the world of design, we must mention the exemplary case study of the company HONEXT®, based in Barcelona. The company’s path started with a vision to protect the planet and a challenge: to upgrade residue from papermaking, considered useless and polluting, into something useful and valuable. 

Thus, after in-depth research – to which the experts of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Merino family dedicated over a decade – the HONEXT® Boards were developed. These are manufactured using 100% waste fibers from the paper industry, which are upcycled through the IP-Protected HONEXT® Process, resulting in fully recyclable boards for interior use. Not only are these Circular by design, but they are also carbon-negative, setting a new standard for sustainable building materials.



The HONEXT® Boards

The key breakthrough achieved by the HONEXT® Process is the ability to strengthen cellulose fibers, transforming them into HONEXT® Boards, thereby preventing industrial waste fibers from going to landfills or incineration. At the end of their useful life, the boards can be recycled and processed into new products, closing the loop.

The HONEXT® Boards are not only flame-retardant, without the use of resins or toxic chemicals, but they also offer competitive mechanical properties suitable for a wide range of interior applications: as for decorative panels, acoustic solutions, ceilings, flooring, partitioning, and furniture. This versatile and circular building material delivers low emissions and promotes healthy interiors for public spaces. A fully circular, sustainable, and safe alternative to conventional construction panels, reshaping the construction industry’s future. You can find all the information on the product technical data sheet, installation, and available processes on the company website.

The certifications

The HONEXT® company and its panels have obtained various certifications that attest to the commitment to circularity and environmental sustainability. Worth mentioning is the recent achievement of Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold for HONEXT® Boards (C-s1,d0 and B-s1,d0). The coveted certification process analyzes and optimizes aspects related to the health of materials, the circularity of products, clean air and climate protection, responsible management of water and soil, and social equity.

HONEXT® Boards have also obtained the Material Health CertificateTM Gold Level version 4.0: the absence of resins or toxic chemicals in HONEXT® Boards further reinforces their safety and sustainability. The GOLD level in version 4.0 of the Material Health Certificate introduces more rigorous regulations and quality controls throughout the product’s manufacturing process, ensuring safety for humans and the environment by eliminating toxicity risks and harmful substances.

The company’s approach to circularity is also to be praised for communication:, on the website, it’s possible to find all the information to guarantee responsibility and transparency towards customers and visitors. An attention that, unfortunately, is not yet taken for granted today.

HONEXT® is also on the new and free Materials Design Map with the new HONEXT® Board FR-B for wall coverings or acoustic panels in public spaces. Therefore, we invite you to visit the company website and follow it on Instagram to discover all the products!


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