HUT, Takayuki Kuzushima

Hut is a minimalist house located in Aichi, Japan, designed by Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates.

The renovation of the pre-existing house, introduces also new open spaces which allow visitors to gather. The result of the main intervention is the full height solarium, with rough and simple materials used to best allow the penetration of natural light. While the exposed structure and integrated shelving units fill the lofty space with a rich latticework and offer a visual richness, the design team makes use of the wire mesh as a earthquake-resistant element while the translucent polycarbonate cladding allows light to fill the large solarium. Operable shutters enclose the double-height entrance to this space, generating a semi-outdoor condition when opened.

Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates introduces a lofty and light filled space to the existing house with a delicate and expressive materiality and a minimal organization in plan. The exposed structural frame which fills the space is built of a pre-plated square pipe as an assembly pillar, which allows for shelving to be freely added as is suited to the needs of the occupant. The exterior is clad primarily in a cedar roofing board which is further expressed toward the interior.

Lead architect Takayuki Kuzushima comments: ‘I think that the life of a resident is not completed in one house – or one function-defined room – but rather it can become rich by enriching its surroundings. The building is like a hut below a house. However, I think that the life through the hut can create more expanse and richness than conventional houses.‘

Photography and video by Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates


All Rights reserved to Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates

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