In her photographic studies of minority communities, refined graphical work and vibrant installation pieces, Turkish artists Nilbar Güreş faces issues of oppression, identity and desire with defying humor and an intricate personal language.

The hanging tear, in its tension and desire to fall, contains all gestures of pain and release, announces institutions built to administer doom, only falls as an afterthought. The prickled finger which opens its red eye to visions of uterine partition, wailing of the old ones, curfews of ophidean curves strangling gorged necks and zigzagging fingers: someone should kiss it. Jet black eyelashes scour the night for protection, stumbling into kind drunkards, shouting rage, lost children. When they close it, it is a motherly laughter that guards their sleep, it is a wandering laughter that stoops to pick up the dust and hushes all its fears.


All Rights reserved to Nilbar Güreş

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