Bartosz Domiczek is the owner of an arch-viz studio focused on contemporary architecture and supporting clients with the design process. He defines himself also a big CG hobbyist, “trying to strive with the personal work far away from my typical comfort zone.” Northern Wisps is a visualization project created by the Polish architect as entry design for the Ronen Bekerman’s Cabins 3D Challenge.



“The goal was to visualize the prefab cabin in a location of choice. My design is placed in Icelandic Thórsmörk and I made several different scenes to show various aspects of the place (from quite barren hills to thick woody areas).”

Bartosz visualized the cabins as white monoliths, contrasting with the rough and natural surrounding; the design reminds ancient dwelling built around the fireplace and the idea of Nordic gods, standing in the row on a mountain ridge. The full project is CGI, including the landscaping in the backgrounds.

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All Rights reserved to Bartosz Domiczek

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