Ophir is a house made by Architects’ Creative ltd. The studio, founded by registered architects Kate Loader and Daniel Sullivan, has a focus on crafted, bespoke and thoughtful solutions in both residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand. The Architects’ Creative practice mission is to positively and meaningfully contribute to the built environment through an engaging design process that is based on strong collaboration principles.

Ophir has a sculptural form anchored to its hill site, it presents a palette of textured concrete, black zinc, cedar and steel. “Entering through a dramatic backlit space, occupants make the transition from privacy to transparency and are rewarded with expansive views over the estuary to the – New Zealand – Southern Alp’s beyond from the main living spaces.” The interior is enriched by the timber, and all the high quality materials used will patina gracefully ensuring the longevity of the dwelling. More on Architects’ Creative ltd website.

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