Pierre Kiandjan is an artist based in Paris. His work is based on selecting color mixes, he aims to create illusion of motion, space, and temperature. The challenge consists in gathering simple shapes within complicated blendings. His pieces reveal a clear use of color shades and broken lines. His main influences include futuristic pieces of architecture invented by Mœbius, radiances of light diffracted by Barbara Kasten’s mirrors, living compositions sculpted by Jean Arp, and rhythmic gracefulness drawn by Victor Vasarely. This way, he tries to shake things up a little in the realm of Optical Art.

His Parisian studio has already worked for clients belonging to a wide range of sectors: Universal Music, Warner Music, Marie Claire magazine, Le Journal de la Maison magazine, Alex Gopher, Morgane Groupe, Album Surf manufacturing company. Visit his page to see more


All Rights Reserved to Pierre Kiandjan

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