Reeperbahn Festival is a music festival held in Hamburg, Germany. For the 2016 edition, designers Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk created amazing animation and graphics.

“Creating the concept was a nice challenge for us. In the very first meeting the client asked us to do whatever we wanted – as long as it would fit their Corporate Identity. It must be admitted the Reeperbahn Festival changes the CI every year. Therefore we’ve got a specific pattern of different shapes we had to use and an eye catching color range of blue and orange. The approach was to start and end rather 2Dish graphical and explore the space in 3D. Every single shape you see in the trailer, like the walls, the arrangement of the windows, even the objects and the graphics are extracts from the CI pattern we’ve got from the client. The colour concept was a tricky part. Blue and orange are contrasting colours, so we had to handle them with care. Therefore just the hero objects got coloured and highlighted all at once. We incorporate typography and logo into the scene by using projection on the walls.”


All Rights Reserved to Vitaly Grossmann and Vincent Schwenk

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