Caracol Studio is a Milan-based design practice that works between 3 different fields: design, engineering and rapid prototipation (previously on WeVux). The 5th of July at Haigo, located in via Paolo Sarpi 52, Milano, the team will present an exclusive furniture collection entirely made by robotic 3d printing technologies, composed by a coffee table, a rocking magazine rack, a seat and a stool.



Haigo atmosphere is important for this presentation because it fully reflects the characteristics of the post-industrial design proposed by Caracol. The innovative manufacturing process allows the furnishings to be fully customizable in terms of shapes, colors and proportions. The collection is made with bio-polymers from natural and renewable resources (such as maize and wheat), it is 100% recyclable and therefore part of an interesting circuit of infinite upcycling.

With Robotic Furniture, Caracol wants to focus on three themes that they consider “extremely important and contemporary”: the beneficial contamination between technology and design, aimed at pushing beyond the frontiers of design; the social and ecological sustainability of a production (even of large size) with additive manufacturing technology, and lastly, the importance of communicating and disseminating these concepts in a world increasingly entrenched by digital technology.

Robotic Furniture by Caracol Studio – Haigo, Via Paolo Sarpi 52, Milano. Thursday 5th, July, 2018


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