“In 2016, a range of commercially available mobile devices arrived in the market carrying integrated 3D Cameras capable of depth perception and object recognition. If 3D vision technologies turn out to be as successful as their 2D predecessors, we should expect 70% of the world’s population capable of scanning, storing and analysing their environments. Our project began with the question, how could this technology change the way we see and interact with the world around us?”

The Interactive Architecture Lab from The Bartlett School of Architecture recently developed Sarotis. The Sarotis Project explores soft wearable technologies beyond the era of the mobile phone. First an experimental prosthesis was designed to study whether a person’s awareness of space could be amplified using live 3D scanning technologies controlling the inflation and deflation of our soft robotic wearable. Results were successful and suggested possible applications for people with visual impairments. It also revealed the possibility of constructing virtual spaces within physical space that could be sensed through it.

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