SHRINE_Jinghua Zeng

Jinghua Zeng studied Industrial and Interactive Design at Zhejiang University, China and Stockholm University, Sweden. Interested in furniture design, for two years she worked at MZGF, China. Now Jinghua is currently studying for the Master Program of Product and Spatial Design at Aalto University.

For her independent work for the Woodstudio course at Aalto University she realized SHRINE, a bar table connected with a shelter for the restaurant at Clarion Hotel Helsinki. She told WeVux: “I found that there was very little private space for people. Instead of designing a screen to separate the space in a traditional way, I hope to create a calm and private place by using the corner.”

With a different approach to privacy she decided to design a furniture composed by a bar table top + shelter with lighting on the top connected through long wooden pieces. The material and the warm lighting flowing  cooperate to create a calm and intimate atmosphere where a person would feel comfortable to drink, eat or work either alone or with company. She named her pieces SHRINE for its shape and the ability to give to people and the space calmness.

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