Offhand Practice was founded in 2017. Their projects are “various in scale and program as we look for challenging assignments, which we love to study.” The practice don’t want to impose design concept, but aim to solve realistic problems of diverse sites of different projects. One of their latest project is an independent gallery showcasing vintage design objects; its earthy interior aims to emulate the experience of being inside a cave.

From the street, a carved archway leads visitors into the space. Walking through a low door, guests to the gallery are presented with a narrow, textured interior that is divided into four rooms set at differing levels – a considered approach by Offhand Practice to emphasize the feeling of descending into, and resurfacing from, an underground shelter. The gallery’s only source of natural light is from the door of the front entrance as well as a courtyard space at the back, with a series of artificial skylights and unevenly-positioned lights to emulate the way light can puncture through caves. Curved platforms in the walls appear as if they have been carved out of surfaces to exhibit the design objects.

Photography by Yiqing Gao


via ignant

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