Pinuccio Sciola was an Italian artist known for his intervention in his hometown in San Sperate – Cagliari, Sardegna – where you can observe more than two hundred murals depicting the rural world. Later his artistic research has gone further, and today his name is linked to something extraordinary: sound stones. In his house-museum, geometric stone blocks populate the courtyard entrance and letting slip the hand on them – or another stone or a violin bow – the stone begins to play.
A few meters from the house-museum, a horizon of megalithic stones permeated by the scent of citrus, huge monoliths that may seem like sculptures but in reality are musical instruments, lithophones. Apparently silent and motionless, these giants at the first gust of wind free sounds, different sounds for each form and volume. Stones to look, to listen, to caress.

All Rights Reserved to Pinuccio Sciola

(via artribune)


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